• Mould Made
    Acid Free & Archival
    Double sided coating
    No OBAs
    Affordable Inkjet Paper

BockingfordĀ® Inkjet Fine Art Inkjet Paper

Manufacture: Cylinder mould made
Ingredients: 100% woodfree bleached chemical pulp
Longevity: Acid free & archival
Calcium carbonate buffered
pH 7-9
Fade resistant prints achievable with pigment inks
Characteristics: Internally sized
Water resistance – very high
Natural woollen felt textured
Inkjet coating to two sides
Drying - almost instant
Shade (White): 90% TAPPI Whiteness value
No OBAs (Optical brightening agents)
Highly lightfast (minimum 6+ on Blue Wool Scale)
Suitable for: Inkjet printing