• Mould Made
    Acid Free & Archival
    Double sided coating
    No OBAs
    Affordable Inkjet Paper

BockingfordĀ® Inkjet Fine Art Inkjet Paper

Manufacture: Cylinder mould made
Ingredients: 100% woodfree bleached chemical pulp
Longevity: Acid free & archival
Calcium carbonate buffered
pH 7-9
Fade resistant prints achievable with pigment inks
Characteristics: Internally sized
Water resistance – very high
Natural woollen felt textured
Inkjet coating to two sides
Drying - almost instant
Shade (White): 90% TAPPI Whiteness value
No OBAs (Optical brightening agents)
Highly lightfast (minimum 6+ on Blue Wool Scale)
Suitable for: Inkjet printing
Liability: Since all dyes, pigments and media change over time, St Cuthberts Mill does not warrant this product against colour changes and fading. St Cuthberts Mill's liability for any defects in manufacturing and packaging is limited to the replacement cost of this product.