Matthew White

Matthew White is a watercolour artist from Kansas City, Kansas, USA. Matthew strives to convey a sense of space and depth in his work, creating a rich atmosphere and a poetic visual story. He is enamoured by the elusive ever-changing moments of the world around us, and strives to capture this fleeting beauty in his work. He has taken part in international exhibitions and has sold paintings around the world.

Matthew was drawn to art and creating from a young age. He grew up exploring different creative mediums such as music, film-making and drawing. It wasn’t until his 30’s that he began to dedicate time to learning to paint in watercolour. This new medium quickly became his main interest and eventually became his favourite pastime and occupation.

“I find so much peace in painting watercolour. It is meditative. I love getting lost in what’s happening on the paper. What’s most important in painting a scene to me is the conveying of atmosphere, the portrayal of light and creating a feeling.”

“What I like so much about Saunders Waterford paper is how consistently good it is. I know what to expect every time I use it. Its consistent quality is so important in watercolour timing. Timing is crucial in creating the specific edges and atmospheric effects that I want. Also, the paper is very durable and tough. I occasionally need to rewet an area or scrape in a highlight. It holds up in every scenario.”

Free Lesson by Mathew White - How to Avoid Overworking Your Painting:

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Mathew White Countryside by Mathew White on Saunders Waterford 300gsm White Ro Morning Water by Mathew White on Saunders Waterford 300gsm White Streetlights by Mathew White on Saunders Waterford 300gsm White R