• Mould Made
    Acid Free & Archival
    100% Cotton
    OBA Free

Canson® Infinity Somerset® Enhanced

Somerset® Enhanced is changing. The original paper created in 1999 is being superseded by a paper coated by Canson® Infinity. The same consistent high quality base paper from St Cuthberts Mill, coupled with the Canson® Infinity propriety inkjet coating for superior image quality.

The new Somerset® Enhanced paper continues to be a mould made, 100% cotton, digital fine art paper, made at St Cuthberts Mill by artisan papermakers, to create the look and feel of an authentic artist paper. Available in a Satin, Velvet and a new Watercolour surface.

Somerset® Enhanced has a natural white base, which contains no optical brightening agents, adds vibrancy and depth to colour, excellent contrast, and very deep blacks. The Canson® Infinity proprietary inkjet coating guarantees superb image quality and longevity, which is essential for both limited and open edition digital fine art prints.

Based on the Somerset® traditional printmaking paper, which has been used by artists for a range of time-honoured techniques such as intaglio, stone lithography, silkscreen, and relief printing . The same traditional fine art paper is available for photographers, printmakers, and artists alike to reproduce digitally their original artwork as a limited edition by using the Somerset® Enhanced digital fine art papers.

ICC profiles for the Canson® Infinity coated Somerset® Enhanced

Full details of the Canson® Infinity Somerset® Enhanced and the rest of the Canson® Infinity range of inkjet papers, including where to buy.

Suitable for all photo quality printers