Jenna Rainey

Jenna Rainey is a watercolour artist, surface pattern designer, and illustrator, born-and-raised in Southern California. What started as a stress-relieving activity from a desk job in finance, quickly turned into the creative business of her dreams. 

Art unlocked something in her that changed every aspect of her life. She now inspires hundreds of thousands of people to find and express their own creative voice through her YouTube Channel, best-selling watercolour how-to books, art retreats, and online courses.

Jenna’s work is mostly inspired by nature, travel photos, architecture, and textiles. Her signature vibrant loose-style florals, landscapes, and geometric designs are found in collaborations with brands like Blue Sky for Staples, Crate & Kids, Pixar, Lovevery, Toki Mats, Zola and more.

Jenna’s best advice is:

1) Create something today, even if it sucks because consistent practice, muscle memory, and getting into flow state will help you create your best original work.

2) Quality art supplies can really make a big difference in the result, so start building your collection as you’re able. There’s something really magical about wet-on-wet watercolour pigment blooming on textured cold press paper!


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Jenna Rainey Painting - Jenna Rainey on Saunders Waterford White CP 300gsm Ferns by Jenna Rainey on Saunders Waterford White CP 300gsm