Jemma Gunning

Jemma Gunning is a UK printmaker specialising in etching and stone lithography. Traditionally trained in visual arts, her first degree was in drawing and her masters in multidisciplinary printmaking. It was studying for her masters that she fell in love with etching and stone lithography. The chemistry and romance of both processes captured her alchemic side, which made her decide to specialise in these wonderful techniques.

On the surface Jemma’s prints may appear dark and gloomy, after all, they are her visual interpretation of decay and dereliction found in post-industrial landscapes. However, look more closely and you’ll notice that there is life within these ruins where mother nature has started to reclaim our waste lands and new ecosystems have started to immerge.

Scattered amongst our landscape in varied states of decay and dereliction are ruins, curious historical objects, fascinating in their beauty. Alongside their representation of human endeavour, they stand as a reminder of the past and a warning for the future. Jemma Gunning’s work documents our fading heritage, providing us a portal into the past.

Drawing underpins her practice and informs her printmaking processes.

Her favourite paper to use is Somerset Satin 300gsm. She needs a reliable paper stock that will print the rich velvet blacks in her etchings with consistency.

Jemma runs her own print studio near Bristol where she works on projects and commissions. She teaches small groups from her studio and offers one to one tuition.


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Printmaker Jemma Gunning captures the Mill’s past


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Jemma Gunning Tonedale Mill II by Jemma Gunning on Somerset Satin 300gsm The British Industrial Estate II by Jemma Gunning on Somerset