Eugenia Gorbacheva

Eugenia Gorbacheva has been associated with art all her life. She first met watercolours when she went to art school, where she studied for 5 years. In 2002, Eugenia entered Kosygin University, a Russian State University, to study as a fashion designer, after that she worked in the fashion sector for 10 years, creating clothing for a famous Russian brand. 

In 2017, a turning point occurred for Eugenia, when she decided to devote herself entirely to painting watercolours.

To date, she has taken part in many international exhibitions, and her artworks adorn collections around the world.

What does being an artist mean to Eugenia?

“It is happiness with the opportunity to express myself, and completely surrender to my favourite activity. It is a feeling of fullness and freedom at the same time. It is an opportunity to show a piece of your soul, my inner world, to other people. It is an immersion into another reality, and a journey through different countries and worlds.”

Eugenia’s opinion on art and Saunders Waterford

“Being an artist means to feel the space around you, feel the mood, condition and transfer my impressions to a sheet of paper”

“I was looking for a paper I could work in tandem with, a paper that would allow me to gain maximum pleasure from the drawing process itself, eliminating difficulties that could appear due to quality. A few years ago I was able to find what I was looking so long for. That was Saunders Waterford paper made by St Cuthberts Mill. After using it, my paintings have reached a new level, completely unattainable before!”


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Eugenia Gorbacheva Painting by Eugenia Gorbacheva on Saunders Waterford 1 Painting by Eugenia Gorbacheva on Saunders Waterford 2 Painting by Eugenia Gorgacheva on Bockingford 300gsm HP