Nono García

Nono García is one of the great exponents of the revival of still life as a genre in Spain. His work exudes sincerity, the way he feels in the presence of the subject. This can be clearly perceived in the pieces he has produced in the last few years, where he reaches levels of enormous lyricism, because a new feeling has emerged, a new poetry of painting: a vision we could call dreamlike, which unquestionably makes him heir to the great universal masters of Baroque style, such as Sánchez Cotán, Zurbarán and Caravaggio, among others.

His works capture realities and suggestions, brought together in the same composition, the urban landscape, or the object can be something concrete, like a glass, for example, which he endows with absolute perfectionism and turns into the point of attraction, surrounding it with an almost invisible ambience, it is just a hint, with matter slipping away across the paper, leaving a trace of intense atmosphere, suffused with light, achieving contrasts and creating two descriptive atmospheres (one real, one suggested) that complement each other.

The paper Nono García requires for his work must have a good resistance to work with a lot of water. The characteristics of St Cuthberts Mill papers for wet in wet use are what attracted Nono to work with St Cuthberts Mill.


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Nono García Teteras Nono García on Saunders Waterford 300gsm CP Macetas by Nono García on Saunders Waterford 300gsm CP