• Mould Made
    Acid Free & Archival
    100% Cotton
    4 Deckle (ragged) Edges

Somerset® Printmaking Paper

Manufacture: Cylinder mould made
Ingredients: 100% cotton
Longevity: Acid free & archival
Calcium carbonate buffered
pH 7-9
Characteristics: Internally sized
4 deckle edges (two natural, two torn by hand, unless stated otherwise)
Natural woollen felt textured
Authenticity: Watermarks bearing the name Somerset appear twice (on most sheets)
Grain Direction: Long Grain
Shade (Radiant White):
           (Soft White):

96% TAPPI Whiteness value
88% TAPPI Whiteness value
75%* TAPPI Whiteness value
4.22 TAPPI Brightness value
No OBAs (Optical brightening agents) exc Radiant White shade
Highly lightfast (minimum 7 on Blue Wool Scale except Radiant White shade which exceeds 6)

Suitable for:

APPLICATION Book Satin Velvet Textured
Block / Relief Printing    
Intaglio / Etching  
Hand Lithography
Offset Lithography**
Laser Printing      
Silkscreen / Serigraphy
Pastel, Charcoal, Pencil    
Inkjet (Radiant White shade only)  

* approx
** suitable for use with low tack inks