Joris Munier

Joris Munier is a French artist from Brittany specialising in watercolour techniques. After his graduation from the Ecole Pivaut Art School in 2013 in Nantes, he worked as an illustrator for several companies, such as le Théâtre de la Comédie des Champs Elysées in Paris, several French councils, newspapers, advertising and published a children’s book. Joris also taught watercolour and drawing for three years in Bordeaux.

His art has always been inspired by his surroundings, from the particular light of his native Breton countryside to the landscapes of South-West of France. When he moved in the United Kingdom in 2018, the discovery of this beautiful country inspired him to draw and paint the nature, the people and the architecture of small English towns. In particular, during his stay in Canterbury, his exploration of watercolour techniques and subjects strengthened his passion for this medium. Joris’ use of movement, light and colours give life in a unique and beautiful way to his paintings.

His love for England, and particularly English watercolour culture, brought him to discover St Cuthberts Mill. The Saunders Waterford cold pressed High White 638gsm paper naturally became his favourite one. Joris likes how the pigments respond on its surface, receiving the colours and allowing to lift them. The texture of this paper suits perfectly his brush strokes, and he particularly loves the High White colour which bring beautiful light to his paintings.

Posting every week on his Instagram account, he developed a strong worldwide community with thousands of followers who react and share about watercolour.

Joris moved to Boston, USA in 2022 where he lives as a full-time watercolour illustrator.


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Joris Munier Winter walk by Joris Munier on Saunders Waterford CP 300gsm Boutons dor et Myosotis by Joris Munier - Saunders Waterford CP Bakery House by Joris Munier on Saunders Waterford CP 300gsm HW